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HERE SELECT, PREVIEW & buy from our trusted USA based company 29 Million REAL ELITE Dating Profiles, LAST ACTIVE: 1-30 days ago.

Create your own profile combination

If you decide to buy dating profiles according to your own specification, our unique Interactive Profile Selection feature allows you to order only the dating profiles that you need at the location you want and according to the specification that exactly fits your target market. So, please feel free to create your own preferred selection of dating profiles.

How does it work?

By ticking (and/or un-ticking) the boxes on this page, you can choose between locations, gender, age, ethnicity, even down to the number of photographs you want in your profiles and then decide how many of your ideal profiles you wish to order. Please feel free to play around with this interactive feature and you will be surprised to see how simple it is. You can create all kinds of variations by ticking/unticking and combining several boxes.


Please keep in mind that one order can only be uploaded to one site. If you need to upload profiles into multiple sites please contact us for the special prices


If, for instance, your target market is Straight (Standard), in the USA only, males looking for females and females looking for males, ages varying from 40 - 60, your ethnic target group is both Caucasians/White and African Americans/Black and you want 3 photographs or more per profile, then tick the relevant boxes (un-tick the boxes you don't want), and fill in the age range box. The right box at the bottom then shows the number of dating profiles for sale that we have according to those specifications. You can then type in and select, in the left bottom box, the exact number of profiles you want to order and add them to your shopping cart (Add to Selection). That is how simple it is to purchase dating profiles according to your very own specification.

Select type of profiles

Select the country from which you want to buy profiles

Select the member gender you want to buy

Select the age of members

from to

Select the members with their preferences by partner gender. For example: Male looking for female - select heterosexual. Male looking for male - select homosexual

Select members by ethnicity

Select minimal photo numbers for each profile

or more

SELECT numbers of profiles you want to buy

  • We accept orders for manual selection of profiles by the appearance of the members.

  • Installation services

  • Sale campaign 1+1! Buy one and more packages and get one and more equal packages for free!

  • How many dating profiles should you buy?

  • You want 2 million or more profile database for successful start but have weak hosting? This is a problem. We can help give you a powerful hosting on our services, plus support if any issues happen. Only $ 30.00 / per month

  • Buy 10,000 genuine dating profiles with MULTIPLE PHOTOS just for $8.00 USD. One million profiles just for $147.00 USD

  • Our dating profiles are only sold 3 times before they are deleted from our database and replaced with new and updated profiles.

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